“This classy trio’s three dimensions make for a smooth, engaging listen.” Music Connection -April 2012

“Double-breasted is one of New Jersey’s most original groups out there today. While they may not be a mainstream hit yet, their fresh presentation and catchy compositions should be the formulas that pushed them quickly into the major label scenario. Highly recommended.”
 The Aquarian Weekly 

“The combination of these three voices creates an elegant, captivating, and almost haunting encounter with music…. a close ear is easily pleased with its complexity while an easy listener can also enjoy the sheer beauty. A new face to rock and all the while satisfies every craving for remarkable musical talent.”

“double-breasted uses strings as rock tools!”
-The Star-Ledger

“More talent than most entire symphony orchestras rolled up into one orchestral indie-pop trio.”
– Jim Testa

“Here is a group that manages to invert many of our most epidemic problems. double-breasted bravely foregrounds their formidable and illuminating lyricism.”
– The Tris McCall Report

“double-breasted seamlessly go from moments of quiet, stark beauty to passionately urgent pleas, all tied together by brilliant musicianship and songwriting abilities.”


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